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Leica M Prototype...

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M   Prototype  1958
Prototype M-camera with experimental finder by Robert Eckhardt. Complicated optical/mechanical design allowed not only parallax correction, but also correction of difference of focal length determined by focus. An enlarged space was needed to fit this finder into the M top plate, therefore the regular straight M2/M3-type rewind knob could not be kept. The camera already has a cranked rewind, similar to the later M4. Technically, the camera is an M2, but with automatic counter. Original Leitz documents of Patent applies from fall 1958 included, signed by Ernst and Ludwig Leitz, top plate without engravings and serial number。。。。










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#1 - 2008-7-3 09:26
这台可能是M4 Prototype吧,M3在1954年已经上市,M3的Prototype的数字盘是外露的,快门速度设定也不是这样的,是Metric Sequence的,后来才改为Geometric Sequence(1957)。

我更怀疑的是:这台根本不是Prototype,而是爱好者组织的自家A la carte而已,因为M4 Prototype并没有文献参考,暂时我不能确定。
#2 - 2008-7-3 09:28
另一个后期的特征是挂耳,早期的M3包括Prototype都是Buddha Ear的,这个明显是后期的挂耳。
#3 - 2008-7-3 15:53
tstang, 呵呵,谢谢提醒, 这不是 M3 Prototype ,是我写错了。 我要看看 当时那份发明申请书的内容。到底是个仨东西。。。 呵呵
#4 - 2008-7-4 14:20
#5 - 2008-7-4 20:54
Brand Name: LEICA
Type: M3
Serial Number: 0016
Description: Before Leica brought the M3 on the market they made 65 M3 prototype cameras for testing and evaluation. Numbers of these cameras began from 001 - 0065. As Leica only experience with screw mount cameras, the M3 was a complete new type of camera and needed to be tested intensively. After testing the cameras came back to Leica factory to be dismantled and the internal parts were completely analyzed. Most cameras were finally destroyed, but some were sold to the employees of Leica. According to several experts a few (it is said about a dozen) of these cameras are still on the market. Most of these cameras however are in collections of course.
Compared to later style M3 bodies (also compared to the first 600 M3 cameras) the prototype cameras had several different features such as:
- External frame counter
- Release button which can be turned and switched in
  the B-position
- Shape of transport lever
- Shape of self timer (this one has the one which was
  used on the production M3 bodies)
- Built-in film punch in back door
- Engraving on top plate is different. Only a 4 digit serial
  number is engraved
- Top and base plate with corners
- Reversed direction rewind knob (turns counter clockwise)
- Film spool type (right one on picture no. 28 is the later M
  style spool)
- Die-cast mechanism











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